Using this web site is a long term process that should make your financial future brighter.  REMEMBER, PATIENCE IS GOLDEN.


To use the FSTO (FORESTOCKTRADERSONLY) web site properly, you must have an account with a stock brokerage firm. There are many brokerages available and we are sure you have seen plenty of their ads. You can have a one on one relationship with your personal broker or you can have an on-line account with a brokerage firm that allows you to trade stocks on line. Since we like to minimize expenses, we use an online brokerage service that minimizes commissions.

The type of account you set up should be based on your personal objectives. It can be a cash account to build funds for any upcoming event such as a college fund for yourself, your kids or grandkids. It can be a retirement account like a 401K through your employer or an individual account such as an IRA or a Roth IRA. The type of account is your decision but keep in mind that the most profitable accounts are ones that:

1. Minimize expenses.
2. Reduces taxes.*
3. Allow unlimited movement of funds into stock ETF’s and/or into cash.


Remember that you may have to pay a tax and penalty on funds withdrawn from some tax deferred accounts if you are under age 59.5 years and withdraw the funds before that age.

Following the buy and sell signals is pretty easy. You will be notified of any new P&C postings on FSTO web site via e-mail. Frequently, the posting is just an update of the progress made by our prior recommendations, but not always. If the posting tells you of a market buy signal, it will also state which ETF’s we are buying and the price we are paying or have paid.

We may also continue to buy the same ETF’s as we have funds available unless the price has moved up too far. When the price of the ETF has gone above an arbitrary price (we use original price paid plus 5%) then we stop adding to our portfolio. Instead, we will put available funds into our account to accumulate as cash and await the next signal.

At times the market rises then falls back toward the original buy signal’s price and gives another buy.  We use that as an opportunity to add to our holdings.  This again will prompt another P&C.  We will inform you accordingly via e-mail.

When a sell signal occurs, we sell all of the holdings. There are then two choices that can be made with the funds. We can let that money sit in the account and collect interest or we can buy the short side ETF’s that will be recommended. There is more risk associated with the short side ETF’s but we have enough confidence in our selection procedure that we are willing to accept the additional risk. Again, we will tell you via a P&C, the short side ETF’s we are buying and the price we are paying.   See the history tabs to evaluate the additional risk associated with the short side ETF’s.

To Summarize:

1. Open an account with a brokerage firm, then follow the buy and sell signals as they are provided by FSTO.
2. Make sure to do your own due diligence and that our advice matches your investment objectives.
3. Also, be sure you tell your friends and family about our web site.